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Preservation and Accessibility of Indigenous Knowledge (Ik) in Namibia: “Preserve Namibia Indigenous Knowledge” Project

The project investigates methods to be used in documenting indigenous knowledge in a “Do It Yourself” approach by involving local community members to explain and demonstrate each step. On-time videos of community members performing different traditional activities are recorded for Television broadcasting and DVD distribution. Accompanying publications will be prepared and easy reference systems such as online Systems will be designed. Documents or materials to be produced will serve as reference information for scholars, tourists and the entire general public and archived for future generations.

To meet the objectives of the study, action research method is used to collect data; community leaders, elders and experts are involved in the project and an experienced technical team to capture activities has been hired to ensure quality production of the project.

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Namutenya Hamwaalwa

Principal Researcher

Nangula Hamwaalwa